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About Me

I hope you find this web site more of a celebration of wood & the environment rather than just a shop window.

I offer a broad range of bespoke sustainable woodland products, services & tuition tailored to your individual requirements.

I specialise in making bespoke items tailored to your individual needs rather than ‘off the shelf’ products. However some items are kept in stock but if not, I can always make or cut them to order for you.

Whilst the majority of items I produce are made from Trees I do utilise many other materials such as Bramble, Reed, Rush, Grass, Straw, Nettle, Cloth, Wool, Clay, Soil etc…If you wish you can read more about me & the sustainable work I do.

If you can’t find what you're looking for or have an enquiry about a product, service or training need please contact me.
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